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Corporate Heritage Africa also highlights African Women who have excelled in the business arena.


Charles Hapanyengwi

Charles Hapanyengwi - ACIS, DipHRM, MBA Finalist: Accountant at Concord Agriculture, S. Sudan

The initiative of coming up with such an association like African Heritage Society can bring a lot of developmental and entrepreneurship programs through the whole of Africa. This can curb the high rate of unemployment in African countries through implementation of various programs. Through the collective action, Banking on Africa's Future can push towards a sort of entrepreneurial energy within and BOAF has the responsibility through such programs to set up, to ensure that this entrepreneurial flame already ignited stays it.

Africans through this initiative can be a powerful tool for overcoming educational disadvantages of the poor and less privileged children in countries such as South Sudan. This initiative can promote enterprise and vocational training programs to Africans, especially those who are productive with powerful tool for the betterment of their lives.

Through creation of African bank of ideas, small – large entrepreneurs can mobilize and manage their resources for the revival of some African economies which are already in doldrums. The idea of coming together can be promote a data bank for all business people and those to be, even the young upcoming generation, to tap the skills and develop the culture of accountability and transparency.

Being one of the committee members of the Advisory committee, l will be very interested to furnish the committee with ideas of promoting transparency, good governance, accountability and proper resources mobilization by African people both at home, churches, non-profit organizations, private and public sectors.

I look forward to the promotion of Banking on Africa's Future.

Liberty Nobula

Sole proprietor- Medical Practice industry

My salutation goes to you, Mr. Mawere and the entire African Heritage fraternity. Interestingly I have been following up on the group's activities and efforts within the region. I subscribe to the progressive motives of the establishment and delightfully appreciate beng invited to participate to the best of my ability.

Having taken time to do my research and acquint myself with the organisation, I kindly request furher guidance in my particular role play and purpose and further communicate my intent to act as directed. I kindly woudl like to inform you that as you may already know i am a medical professional and would have more contribution to your orgnisation in medical or scientific duty. While my medical practice and various other endeavours compete for my time resources, I will avail my best to the utmost. My contacts are listed below. Viva Africa!!

Russell Chidyausiku

Vice President - Risk Management at Singapore Mercantile Exchange (SMX)

Thank you for the invitation, I am interested in networking and being part of a collective effort to raise Africa's capacity and participation in the new world order. I strongly believe the opportunities for emerging markets are bright, Africa with an abundance of natural resources and human capital could take advantage of the digital era to shorten the learning curve in closing the gap with the industrialized nations. Knowledge sharing, thought leadership and networking are the key ingredients along with supportive and transparent government environments. I look forward to discussing your initiative further and will review your website to learn more on how I can contribute.

Project Co-ordinator Mobile Financial Services at Telecel Zimbabwe

It was very humbling reading from you.

Thank you for extending the kind invitation to join Africa Heritage Society , an organization whose objective is to build a network that will re-brand Africa where the continent's future is concerned. The has never been a better time than this, to be involved with fellow citizens to harness together a change that will last for generations. I have joined AHS online and will be reading more about AHS on the website you have furnished me with.

I am very honored to be considered a credible individual in contributing to BOAF's cause. Please kindly accept my appreciation and acceptance to serve on the BOAF's advisory committee. I would greatly appreciate it if you can furnish me with more information on the mission and values of the organization and possibly an opportunity to meet with other members in so that I can be solidly tuned in with the work to be done and also, an opportunity to meet and interact with other credible and worthy individuals.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thanking you & Best Regards

Nqobani Khumalo

Content Management, Social Media Optimisation, SEM

Africa and her peoples and cultures excites my mind, so your mail was of great interest to me. I have been a quiet fan of the Africa Heritage Society on Facebook, and have often wondered whether the society covers more than just South Africa and Zimbabwe...

That aside, I am keen to discover what BOAF entails in full and how I might contribute to it's expansion.

Please send me further details.

Thank you.

William Msekiwa Goriwondo

PhD Candidate at NUST, Lecturer at National University of Science and Technology, Principal Consultant at BPI

I thank you for your letter which I received with great appreciation and as such have joined the AHS as per your recommendation.

I also would be happy to serve on the BOAF Advisory Committee and this accept this invitation. I also have the same views regards the future of Africa and I have devoted to making manufacturing a part of me. I learn and know with pain that cheap products are put at our doorstep in Africa from far away places that do not have the abundant natural resources that we in Africa have. As such we have to make the change that we want to see. The capacity is in Human Capital and hence I appreciate very much this initiative that you are driving.

I will wait to hear from you.

Daniel Mbidzo


I am honoured to make your acqauintance. I have perused the Africa Heritage Society website and have been convinced to join.

I am further honoured at your offer to serve on the BOAF Advisory Committee. May you provide more information in respect of the objectives and activities of BOAF as well as the current composition of the Advisory Board?

I am much obliged.

My apologies for the delay in replying.

Unozivashe Hove

Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Officer (Nonprofit Organization Management), M&E Assistant Volunteer at Heal Africa Trust

I saw your message just now, I had gone to field work in the rural areas of Gokwe, as you know there is no internet services.

I appreciate your offer to elevate me to be an adviser of the such a noble initiative with Africa at hand. When I was with the rural youth, Sir, I made sure I got their views on the kind of Africa they want to see, they want to be proud of. The initiative (BOAF) gave me an insight into the future, what pains my heart is these youth are left out in the mainstream development initiatives yet their minds are pregnant with visions of better Africa whose days are yet to come.

As such, Mr. Mawere, I'm taking it upon myself to document the views and aspirations of the rural youth in Zimbabwe and their initiatives to reach to the Africa they want. This is the role I will play in the Advisory Committee, I choose this role mainly because I have a passion for the emancipation of the rural youth and one of the surest ways of pulling them out of the quagmire of underdevelopment is ascertaining where they want to be placed. As such I am working on a paper on what kind of Africa these rural youth want not just to see but to give it to their great grand children as their heritage.I will send you the document Monday morning.

Elliot Pfebve, MSc, MBA,PGCE

STEM Ambassador, Learning and Development Consultant-Health Informatics / Training & Development Projects Consultancy at Care UK.

Thank you very much for the update on your new imitative in making Africa the uncontested knowledge bank of the world. I can confirm that I accept your invitation for me to save on the advisory committee of BOAF. I have always wanted to go out of my way to contribute immensely to my continent Africa. I believe in Pan Africanism.

Africa has the greatest talent and resources unparalled on earth, yet we remain encapsulated in poverty and endless unemployment. I am not the answer to Africa's woos but over the years I have acquired essential skills globally that Africa need most. I stand ready to give Africa the consultant it needs to meet MDGs.

Brief resume:

A chartered IT professional (CITP), qualified A1 Assessor, Business Systems Analyst and ICT lecturer with over 15 years of experience. Qualified with an MSc, MBA, EDP and a PGCE with numerous CPD qualifications to enhance cutting edge critical thinking and research methodology for both business re-engineering and training provision.

Summary of qualifications:
MBA Business re-engineering(UK)
EDP BA and CompSc(ZW)
BSc Sustainable Development with Climate Change(Sweden)
Cert. Civil Conflict and mediation(Netherland)
Cert. Business Social Enterprise and Cooperatives(UK)
Cert. Health Service Commissioning(UK)
Cert. Health Service Applications, training and configurations(UK)
Cert. Information Governance.(Uk)

I have registered with AHS and ready to make a difference to both my country and my continent Africa. Please feel free to notify me of any meetings of BOAF.

Tapiwa Manjengwa

Senior Sales & Business Development Manager - Capital Markets

Thank you for the email and invitation. I have looked over the website and I buy into the Heritage Society as a potential agent for change.

I am, however, curious, what the achievements of the society have been? Have there been any key success that can be pointed at that would be an example of how the organisation has worked or added value. Do you have any case studies or information you are able to share?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Addi Mavengere AMIMechE MCIPS,

Managing Consultant at SüisseConsult, Managing Consultant at Western Hospitality Event Management and Hire Services, Managing Consultant at SüisseConsult.

Over the past few days I have taken the time to think about BOAF and my contribution to the cause. To start off, I envision Africa as a continent at peace that can sustain the livelihoods of her people; not their mere existence but meaningful contribution to the development of mankind. I believe very strongly that Africa is endowed with the resources; human and natural, to sustain her people and it is the place of likeminded positive thinkers, who believe in the future of Africa to realise the positive development that Africa so badly needs to place this continent where it should rightfully be and give it its recognition as the cradle of humanity.

For my part, I would like to see to it that we secure our future and heritage through the only guaranteed resource we have; the youth (current and future generations). By mentoring them to be possibility-oriented and inculcating in our young folk positive demeanour and hope for a brighter future through our actions as positive role models, we can rest in the assurance that we will see an end to the strife that has characterised Africa. Having borne personal witness to the power of mentoring and discovering one's purpose in life; the greater good, I believe that we ought to be putting our mass of knowledge and experience to work positively influencing the young folk of Africa and ensure the same for future generations. By these actions, we would have put in place one of the fundamental requirements for the sustainability of our heritage.

To be the positive role models that future generations should look to, the onus is on us to act in the present and influence change for the common good of Africa in all spheres of life; professional, social, political and so on. Recognising the people who have contributed towards making Africa the peaceful, prosperous continent that we aspire to make it, is a great
start and it creates a platform for us to launch other initiatives that will further our goals throughout the continent and the world. As goodwill ambassadors, these champions of freedom, justice, equality and democracy that we celebrate have led and continue to lead the development of Africa and the preservation of our heritage. Apart from the mere recognition of their achievements and contributions, we should work towards replicating their work and ensuring that the spark that their life have ignited generates a fire that blazes across the continent and leaves a lasting legacy.

I believe in the power inherent in association and organisation, especially the association of likeminded individuals working towards ONE common and worthwhile goal. More than a mere organisation, it is my belief that, by crossing social, political and professional lines to influence a paradigm shift in way the world views Africa, and more so, the way Africa views itself, BOAF will be the force that will unite Africa and instil in the hearts of all her people the sense of pride and purpose that comes with being African. This is what I believe and given the opportunity to contribute towards its realisation, I would like for BOAF to be the vehicle that sees this vision become a reality.