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Virgin Mobile
South Africa.

Whether you're looking for unlimited 3G web and data, value-packed wireless plans, or lightning-fast mobile broadband, you can get it for less - with No Contract - from Virgin Mobile.

Virgin Mobile has been a consumer champion in No Contract wireless service since 2002. Our innovative Beyond Talk Plans feature Unlimited Web, Data, Messaging, and Email - with Talk Minutes included - starting at just $35/month. And our device lineup includes affordable Android™-powered 3G smartphones from top manufacturers - LG, Samsung, and BlackBerry® by RIM™.

payLo by Virgin Mobile is our value brand, offering monthly and Pay As You Go plans. With three options - Talk & Text, Talk, and Pay As You Go Basic Rate plans, payLo is everything you need and nothing you don't.

We also offer nationwide 3G mobile broadband service through Broadband2Go, for 3G Internet at Home or On the Go.

And that's all on the Nationwide Sprint® Network with No Contract.

But it's not all about plans and devices. True to our brand heritage, Virgin Mobile loves music. That's why we sponsor events like Lady Gaga's Monster Ball Tour and our annual FreeFest Music Festival. And to provide a 24/7 music fix, there's our streaming music channel, Virgin Mobile Live.

So jump on board with Virgin Mobile and find what you've been looking for: great value without a contract, advanced devices, and maybe even a little fun along the way.

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