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Meet the People who have Changed the Corporate Heritage of Africa - Aspiring African Corporate Spears of Tomorrow

8ta network.
South Africa.

Imagine a new world…

Imagine you were a catalyst for change. A change so profound that the way we think, the way we talk and the way we act will never be the same. Imagine you could help two lovers find each other and to speak in hushed tones for just that much longer. Imagine you were the reason that a less fortunate scholar had the opportunity to work on an assignment on the internet - at home. Imagine you could give a grandmother the chance to wish her grandchild a happy birthday from a thousand kilometres away.

Imagine you were responsible for offering our people the opportunity to see the world the way they deserve to see it; an open window of learning, opportunity, growth, life and love. Imagine you were at the heart of what is set to be the most powerful mobile network the country has ever experienced - one that changes the way we talk, share, learn and live. Imagine you were part of history in the making.

It’s all about you because without you, there could be no me. I am 8ta. Let’s begin our journey. A journey of growth and discovery. I’ll start by saying Heita!

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