Afri Corp Facebank is the face of Corporate Businesses who are playing important roles in the development of Africa. Below are the profiles in order of the Industries.

South Africa's national, regional and local business associations, chambers and foundations all work to promote growth and investment, build new enterprises, forge stronger links between the country's businessmen and women. Some of the business associations are:

Afri Facebank is the face of individuals who have developed Africa through various businesses. These are the tigers in the economy of Africa. Below we have the faces and profiles and what the faces represent in the corporate world.

Banking on Africa's Future (BOAF)





One of the ways established to document and promote business practice in Africa was by creating The Banking on Africa's Future Foundation, a foundation that has been implemented to improve knowledge about our world and experience of others by investing in that knowledge and informing individuals and corporate about the builders and drivers of Africa's corporate heritage. The Banking On Africa's Foundations seeks to recognise leaders by creating an awareness about the Companies profile, how it was established, when it was started ,why it was started and how they have changed
lives so that our future leaders are inspired to look at the corporate world through a different angle in a way that will motivate them to do more by instilling that knowledge. As a continent we need to increase the number of great leaders in our continent so that they can contribute to the well being of Africa.

For progress to be sustained, it is important that the next generation of leaders find a platform that will help to:

  • Identify and address the leadership challenges that confront contemporary Africa

  • Share and refine visions ofthekind of Africa that citizens want to live in

  • Lead by example in building nation states that are viable, inclusive and founded on share prlndples underpinned by the rule of law and respect of the rights of citizens and their property

We are celebrating the African Promise and have 5,000 reasons we think we should celebrate. Each reason is in the form of a person who you believe has had a profound impact on African society with no colour discrimination, as seen with President Barak Obama, the American people have shown how the colour of a person skin does not make them any less American as is with an African, if you believe you are an African focused on Africa's progress and feel a part of this land then you are an African.

From social entrepreneurship to sports to arts to academia to general entrepreneurship to medical breakthroughs to technological advancement to scientific discovery to political entrepreneurship, the BOAF-5000 POL Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes outstanding individuals whose pioneering spirit, fame, power, personality, accomplishments, and demonstrated creativeness and inventiveness throughout their careers has improved African society and inspired others.

Africa Heritage Society in Association with all stakeholders have began a long campaign to educate and promote the African Brand, under Banking on Africa's Future. Culminating to a Published work of all the material collected to be released on the site.  We invite you to share in this rare and opportune journey in discovering and revealing Africa.




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